• Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen Now

    Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen Now

    Why You Should Remodel Your Kitchen Now

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    February 22, 2017

    Let’s face it, the kitchen is where you and your guests will typically congregate to socialize, smile, reminisce, joke around, cry, and break bread.

    So it almost goes without saying that your kitchen deserves the most attention when it comes to upgrades and remodeling (with your bathrooms a close second).

    Remodeling the kitchen is a major project.  It requires attention to detail.  Outside of understanding how to select a new kitchen — there are also financial and convenience implications.

    Regardless, you should proceed with a kitchen remodel every 10-15 years.

    Here are some reasons why…


    You may be finding that parts of your kitchen are wearing down, breaking, crumbling, or just plain falling apart.

    There may be peeling countertops, cracking or broken tiles, broken cabinets, and old appliances that just make the kitchen uninspiring.


    You want to make sure your kitchen doesn’t scream, “1950s and outdated!”  It needs to be in tune with modern times.

    While there may be a buyer looking for a retro-kitchen — it’s a needle in a haystack that we wouldn’t bank on.


    It may be time for a new layout.

    You may have kids and need a breakfast bar or you may want to have a full eat-in kitchen.

    No matter what the reason is, your kitchen needs to fulfill the family’s current needs aesthetically and functionally.


    It may be necessary to remodel the kitchen to accommodate a disabled family member.

    You may need lower cupboards and/or countertops.


    Sometimes the prime motivation for a remodel is a financial incentive.  These include energy-saving rebates offered by the federal/state government or various vendors.

    They also include sales/rebates at home improvement centers, rebates for trading in outdated appliances, upgrade grants, and of course low or no interest loans.

    Did you know that Builder Supply Outlet offers qualified customers 6-month, no-interest financing?


    Your main motivation may simply be change.

    The kitchen simply may not be appealing to you and your family anymore.


    You may be a gourmet cook or want to take up cooking.  And to cook you need a functional kitchen.  You may want a gourmet kitchen with fancier amenities than won’t fit in your current kitchen.


    You may want to remodel your kitchens to increase your home’s value and overall marketability.  Remodeled kitchens are typically appealing to home buyers.  It’s hard to say if you can recoup your entire investment, but you have a much better chance of selling your home if you’re up against a home with a dated kitchen.


    Doing something like adding skylights immediately brings in more sunshine.  This reduces the need for artificial light.

    Solar water heaters and energy-efficient appliances will also help cut your utility bills.

    No matter what you need to remodel your kitchen, the Edge showroom is here to help.

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