• What’s In Your Kitchen Drawer?

    What’s In Your Kitchen Drawer?

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    June 2, 2016

    Not so many years ago, the only kitchen drawer organizer on the market was made of really bad plastic and housed your everyday flatware. Today, new kitchens offer drawer organizer accessories made of beautiful solid wood and designed to fit your needs. Builder Supply Outlet has a variety of options. Kitchen designer Ed Worthman suggests thinking about where your new drawers are going to be located and how you’re going to use them before making your organizer accessory decisions.

    There are drawers you’ll want to leave organizer-free for odd shaped utensils like ladles, spatulas, tongs, barbecue tools, etc. Flatware can be organized in a single layer or in double layer pull out trays. Use the top layer for your most used items and the lower level for less used items. And then there are spice organizers. Remember: never keep your spices by the stove, as the heat will weaken them and reduce their flavor intensity. Putting them in a drawer saves valuable cabinet space and allows you to arrange them however you like.

    Want to know more about organizer accessory options? Come to Builder Supply Outlet and talk to one of our kitchen designers. They’ll be happy to show you a variety of organizer selections for your new kitchen drawers.