• What Is A Transitional Kitchen?

    What Is A Transitional Kitchen?

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    June 22, 2017

    Transitional kitchens are a blend of old and new styles that add that special touch of creativity to create a flexible gathering place.

    They’re anything but typical.

    In fact, transitional kitchens are a-typical.  They’re open to interpretation – and perfect for anyone who likes to go against the rules, while marching to the pulsating beat of their own drummer.

    If this sounds like your style, then you’re going to love the transitional kitchen.


    So as you can see, there’s not really a common “all-encompassing” definition of a transitional kitchen.

    In essence, a transitional kitchen is anything you want it to be and everything in between.  Many people go as far as even blending classic design with modern innovation.

    The transitional style is said to be transitioning, on the move, or going somewhere.  When people see this style, they’re often reminded of something familiar – but they can’t quite place it or put their finger on it.

    Specifically, the transitional style may reference details from the past.  But something new makes it look fresh and updated, without it coming off as stark, futuristic, or contemporary.

    Transitional designs are a great way to break away from traditional design style rules.


    One way to do that is to combine finishes.  You can have an all-white kitchen, but mix the finishes and details.

    You can mix components from different eras, such as hardware, moldings and cabinet doors.

    It takes creativity and adventure to create your own transitional style.

    And the transitional kitchen fits any style of home.  You can’t get that same type of flexibility with other styles.  With a transitional kitchen, you can add whatever you wish and go in any design direction that pleases you.

    Heck, if you’re unsure if the style is right for you, start experimenting with it in a small room like the bathroom.


    To attain the transitional kitchen design, here are a few ideas:

    • Mix corbels, brackets, moldings, doors and legs from different eras.
    • Experiment with “found” items in a transitional design.  Use something unexpected.  For instance, instead of using typical wood panels – replace them with chalkboard panels on the refrigerator door.  Seeing as everyone typically uses the refrigerator, it’s a great place to leave notes for the family.  You may even want to try a chalkboard back splash.
    • Use unpolished traditional granite for the countertops.  Choose a matte finish, then have the granite honed.  And don’t forget to switch up the colors.  Look for new and unusual colors.  For instance, use blue instead of the typical black, green or beige.
    • Use concrete on the island.  For your backsplash, you can craft concrete tiles and mix pebbles in it for texture.  Do the same for your countertops.
    • Stick with white and black colors, as they transition any way you like.
    • Find new materials and use them on old furniture or cabinetry.
    • As far as your kitchen sink, consider a farmhouse sink that has been redesigned with a contemporary finish, such as stainless steel.
    • Recycle or find a way to reuse objects that you already have or that you find elsewhere.  The junk yard or a second-hand store are good places to start.

    The bottom line is that if you want something to look different, then you have to do something different, and try new things. Be an innovator.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight in transitional kitchen designs.

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