• What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks?

    What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks?

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    May 22, 2017

    There are some considerations you need to think through when choosing a bathroom sink.

    You need to consider the overall look you’re going for.  Are you going for a modern, ornate, classical, traditional, or more slick look?  How much space do you have to work with?  Will you need to mount it to a vanity or do you prefer a wall-hung sink that attaches directly to the drywall?

    No matter what, there is a bathroom sink that’ll meet your needs.

    Keep in mind that there isn’t a standard size for a bathroom sink.  Most round sinks tend to be 16″-20″ in diameter.  And most rectangular sinks are roughly 19″-24″ lengthwise and 23″ from front to back.  Most bathroom sinks are roughly 5″-8″ inches deep.

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    For now, let’s go over the six most popular styles and mounting options for bathroom sinks.


    Undermount sinks are installed below a solid countertop.

    They maximize your counter space, while also being very easy to maintain.

    Undermount sinks must be used with solid-surface countertops.  They give a smooth look.  As far as cleanliness, you can wipe everything directly into the sink.


    These sinks are ideal if you need extra floor space

    The sink is supported by the wall.  It doesn’t require a vanity base, legs, or a countertop.

    Many people opt for a shroud to conceal any piping.  And they can be installed at various heights.


    Pedestal sinks are considered a stand-alone style.

    They take up very little floor space.

    Pedestal sinks are a perfect choice for a small bathroom where storage isn’t an issue.

    These sinks feature a wide basin and a narrow base.  Many people say they mimic a birdbath shape.


    These sinks are the easiest to install and can be fitted into an existing counter.

    The rim encircling the bowl sits on the countertop, while supporting the sink’s weight.

    Self-rimming sinks are also known as “drop-in” sinks.  They’re the most popular style sink and take an hour or so to install.


    Vessel sinks are typically bowl-shaped and sit right on top of the countertop.

    They don’t require any undermount installation.

    Vessel sinks are also referred to as “countertop” sinks.  They’re a comfortable and accommodating choice because they are generally higher and a ​very bold design choice.  Just keep in mind they do require a pop-up drain.


    Console sinks are really a combination of a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink.

    They have an exposed base and are a less bulky option for very ​small spaces.  Console sinks, in essence, are a wall hung sink with two or four legs.  They act as both the basin and the countertop.  Many times they feature open shelving below for extra storage.

    Hopefully you learned quite a bit about bathroom vanity sink types!

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