• Understanding The Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen Design Style

    Understanding The Traditional vs. Transitional Kitchen Design Style

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    July 6, 2017

    It’s interesting to discover how many homeowners look at various pictures of kitchens without any knowledge of the kitchen design the picture is delineating.

    You see, when you’re a homeowner and ready to make a decision on your kitchen remodel – knowing what design style and trends you like will help narrow and focus your design options.

    When you have hundreds of options before you and a tight budget to work with, knowing your personal design style will help make the remodeling process easier for you and your kitchen designer.

    One of the most popular design styles is the traditional design style. But we are seeing a huge swing to the transitional design style.

    Our goal today is to define traditional and transitional designs, as they’re the most often confused of the popular design styles.

    Let’s explore the differences between traditional the transitional kitchen design, as well as where your personal design style most likely fits.


    When many people think of a traditional kitchen design style, they get images of their grandmother’s kitchen and its floral wallpaper and laminate floor.  Today, traditional kitchen style remodels include elements of contemporary kitchen design.

    This includes a large stainless steel hood over the range. That’s contemporary.

    Today, you can choose a hood that can be covered with an ornamental overlay that perfectly matches the cabinetry surrounding it. That’s an example of a traditional design.

    Traditional Kitchen Designs Typically Feature:

    • Cabinet Doors with Raised Paneling
    • Natural Materials
    • Detailed Craftsmanship
    • Traditional Lighting
    • Elaborate Profiles or Large Applied Moldings
    • Ornamental Crown Molding
    • Classic Stains and Colors

    Now let’s briefly discuss the transitional kitchen design style.


    The transitional kitchen design is a blend of traditional and modern styles, focusing on practicality and creativity.

    We understand that blending elements of two very distinct styles is confusing. Nobody wants to waste their money on a remodel that ends up looking like a bad aftertaste.

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    Transitional Kitchen Designs Typically Feature:

    • Kitchen Cabinet Doors with a Simple Profile (often Shaker style)
    • Cabinet Doors Pairing Stained and Painted Finishes
    • Crown Molding with Little-to-Zero Ornamentation, or Zero Molding
    • Neutral Color Palettes
    • Mix of Natural and Manufactured Materials
    • Clean Lines in Craftsmanship
    • Traditional, Industrial, or Modern Lighting

    Those are the six main transitional kitchen design elements to utilize.


    These definitions and descriptions are admittedly very basic.Some basic research online or formal schooling would be even more helpful.

    Perhaps at least with the images here, you can pretty easily recognize a traditional or transitional design fairly well.

    Hopefully you learned quite a bit about the traditional vs. transitional kitchen style.

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