• The Forgotten Piece Of The Flooring Puzzle

    The Forgotten Piece Of The Flooring Puzzle

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    February 4, 2017

    The a paste that fills the spaces between your tile may seem insignificant – but it isn’t.

    In fact, your grout not only compliments your tile — it can transform the room.

    When choosing grout you must consider the following…

    Do you want your grout to compliment, match, or contrast with your tile?

    For example — if you have black tile, you may want white, gray, or a nice beige tone grout.  One contrasts, one matches, and one compliments the tile.

    You can also consider an epoxy grout that glitters or glows in the dark.  If that seems bold, browse the copper, brass, or stainless-steel metal inlays that accent tile.

    Also consider the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do.

    Lighter grout will need to be cleaned often and many times redone to restore the original color.

    Darker grout produces “efflorescence.”  This means it needs to be cleaned and removed from time to time.

    In any case, you also must seal your grout to prevent stains.

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