• The Benefits Of Adding Black Accents In Your Kitchen

    The Benefits Of Adding Black Accents In Your Kitchen

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    October 12, 2017

    Black is becoming a hot trend in kitchen design.

    Both for cabinets and for center islands.

    Black can make your kitchen really pop!

    In fact, many designers think every room, kitchen included, needs to add some black accents.  Black can provide a great accent color or backdrop for any room.

    Anyway you look at it, black cabinetry will enhance any kitchen style.  The style can be rustic, traditional or modern – it doesn’t matter.  Black even provides a flashback of sorts for more traditional designs.  Back in the Victorian days, people installed dark woods, like walnut, cherry, or mahogany, and stained them black or gray.  When you couple those with a creamy granite or marble countertop – you’ve got the perfect period look.

    The color black will let your cabinet lines stand out and they are the perfect backdrop for the other elements in the room.

    There’s nothing quite like a black background, to make metal panel inserts, such as chicken wire or mesh, stand out.

    Black cabinetry can be a backdrop, or used as a focal point, on an island, a single wall, or even interspersed with other colored or wood-finish cabinetry.  It’s a great accent and grounding tool for the naked eye.  In a traditional-style kitchen, a shiny black island or unfitted piece of cabinetry with a black rub-through finish, acts as an elegant counterpoint to the other cabinetry within the space, perhaps distressed cherry, or even crisp white.

    Now, whether you choose to go black all the way or merely add it in on a kitchen island, there are some things to keep in mind when you go over to the dark side of cabinetry.

    A kitchen with a lot of natural light is a natural for black cabinets.  If your kitchen is dark, make sure you have a good lighting plan including things like pendant lights, under-cabinet lights, even in-cabinet lights, if you decide on those metal grid inserts or glass-paneled fronts.  Don’t put lights too close to the cabinet doors because this will create a “hot spot” where the light hits them.  Even if you do have a lot of natural light, more of the man-made kind will keep the kitchen from becoming a black hole.  Also keep in mind that black cabinets may show smudges and fingerprints more easily than wood ones, so consider your cleaning style in your decision.

    As for countertops, if you’re set on black granite or soapstone, then don’t opt for black cabinetry.  Light-colored countertops such as pale granite with some dark veining or marble — if you’re up for the upkeep — will pop against the dark cabinetry.  Butcher block will give a warm, traditional look.  A metal countertop, such as stainless steel or a less common choice such as zinc, pewter or copper will really stand out against black cabinets, as would a granite will lots of color.

    As far as backsplash, don’t fade to darkness there either.  Take advantage of the black stage and go with that intricate, bright tile design you’ve been eyeing.

    Whatever kitchen accoutrements you choose, you can’t go wrong with a little black in your kitchen cabinetry.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight into adding black as a backdrop or accent to your new kitchen remodel.

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