• Some Simple Words On Kitchen Design

    Some Simple Words On Kitchen Design

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    November 27, 2017

    With a vast amount of design styles to choose from, selecting your cabinets can be an intimidating task.

    The basic idea seems to remain the same…

    It’s just a rectangular box with some shelves, that you set on the floor or hang on the wall.

    Now, it’s a very nice-looking box.  One that will cost a bit under $100 for a small, simple wall cabinet or one that may cost $1,000, or more, for a single unit.

    Kitchen cabinet designs fall into two basic types.  Face-frame cabinets, which is the standard here in the USA.

    Or you can go with frameless cabinets, which have been very popular in Europe.

    Both are made from sheet wood (plywood, particleboard, MDF, Melamine, etc).

    Higher end cabinets typically use thicker plywood for the “box,” as compared to the less-expensive composites. They definitely differ in how the front of the “box” is built.  Face-frame cabinets have an additional “frame” of material that makes up the front of the cabinet.  In frameless cabinets, the edge of the sheet stock makes up the front of the cabinet.  That results in more space between the doors, and provides a look that is traditional.  Frameless cabinets have doors set closer together and a more modern look.

    Now, drawers and doors, dress up our simple boxes and provide for added functionality.  Higher end kitchen cabinet designs may incorporate dovetail drawers and raised-panel door construction.  Various types of cabinet hardware can also enhance the quality of the cabinet.  Soft-close concealed hinges and self-closing piston drawer slides are preferred in today’s top kitchens.

    So, the main way to select cabinets is to match the color palette of the room with the style of the home.  Simple, white, flat-panel cabinets are a good match for a country-style kitchen.  A more modern home may incorporate cherry cabinets with frosted glass panel doors in the wall cabinets, and raised-panel doors for the base cabinets.  Excellent color selection will also bring out the beauty in the tile or stone work that accompanies fine kitchens.

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    Since kitchen cabinets can be costly (but worth it), take your time to select the perfect options. Remember, these choices will be a part of your home for many years to come.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight into some fun and beautiful ways to design your kitchen.

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