• 3 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget!

    3 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget!

    Looking to update your space on a budget? Find out some creative ways to give your kitchen a WOW factor!

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    March 13, 2019

    Did you know there are a few easy ways you can update your kitchen that will give you a real “wow factor” but for not a lot of money?

    In fact, you can do some quick kitchen renovations for less than $2,000! You could save even more if you enjoy doing a little DIY!


    An easy renovation ( and the least expensive) is to add stylish hardware. You would be amazed at the transformation new hardware can give your kitchen & in usually less than a day! Hardware prices vary so definitely shop around. Check out our selection of beautiful hardware here but if you are looking for something alittle edgy or unique check out the hardware line from Hobby Lobby. ( believe it or not!)

    Install a new faucet or add cabinet pulls and knobs for a quick, but gorgeous update to your kitchen.  Swapping out your cabinet pulls is a simple job.  All you need is a screwdriver and a little time.  Installing a faucet requires some know-how.  If you’re a little uneasy about installing a faucet, you can hire a professional for a reasonable fee.


    Sometimes a new backsplash is all you need to show off your personality! With so many options to choose from, narrowing down your favorite might be the most time-consuming part! When choosing tile, be sure to ask yourself “will I LOVE this 5 years from now?”. Take your time. Be willing to purchase 1-2 pieces of your final contenders. Seeing samples in your kitchen first ( against cabinets, countertops, lighting, etc.) will definitely be worth the small hassle!

    Old paint and peeling laminate can make your kitchen look drab, especially if dirt & grease have collected on the walls. A nice backsplash definitely serves a purpose. Classic subway tile, modern glass tile, and stainless steel are great ways to change up the look of your kitchen.  The cost could be between $500 to $1,400 to install a new backsplash so make sure you get quotes from reputable contractors. A good start is a list of referrals from friends & family who have used contractors in the past.


    Another great kitchen renovation is to simply paint it.  A new coat of paint will spruce up your kitchen.  Apply a lighter shade to open up a cramped space or choose a deeper hue to add a splash of class to dated décor. It’s not a bad idea to purchase a sample of your favorite first! It can be frustrating to bring home a paint color that looked great in the store, but not so great on your walls! Depending on the store’s return policy, they may or may not allow you to return, so be sure to ask!

    The cost can be between $1,000 to $2,500 so get several estimates if you plan to hire a contractor. For an added boost, you could even choose to repaint or refinish your cabinets!

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight into renovating your kitchen for little money.

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