• Quick Lesson On Vanities

    Quick Lesson On Vanities

    Quick Lesson On Vanities

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    February 17, 2017

    Before we jump into vanity styles, I want to define it first.

    A vanity is simply a freestanding “table” containing a countertop, storage area, and a sink.

    Choosing the right vanity will depend on the size of your bathroom.  You also need to consider the height, material, and the primary use.


    There are many styles to choose from.

    Let’s go over some now…

    Traditional:  These vanities feature decorative trim and classic lines — typically featuring beautiful molding, furniture-style cabinets, and subdued color schemes.

    Eclectic:  Assorted blend of textures, colors, and styles.

    Contemporary (Euro-Asian):  Features smooth cabinetry, symmetrical arrangements, and sleek faucets.  Colors are typically monochromatic with smooth textures and sleek materials, all characterized by unique angles and curves.

    Casual:  Features a relaxed, natural, and uncomplicated style that’s more functional than decorative.


    Now a quick word on materials…

    Solid Wood:  Oak is by far the most popular wood used for vanities.  Cherry and maple are right below them and can be dyed or stained to achieve the perfect tone and finish.

    Veneer:  It’s less expensive than solid wood and able to feature the same pattern across all the adjacent doors.

    Laminate:  Synthetic finish that’s rugged and easy to maintain.


    Now let’s discuss finishes…

    Solid-surface:  Features a large variety of patterns and colors.  Made of composite resins, highly-durable, and water-resistant.  Stains, scratches, and burns can be sanded out.  Accommodates integrated sink and requires a firm, sturdy base that should be professionally installed.

    Natural Stone:  Features slabs or tiles of granite, marble, or another type of natural stone.  It’s easy to clean and highly-durable.  Also is water resistant and holds up against most stains and scratches.  You must seal and polish it regularly.

    Engineered Stone/Quartz Composite:  Available in a plethora of finishes and colors.  It resists stains, mildew, and bacteria — and it’s more durable than natural stone.

    Laminate:  This is the most economical option.  It’s available in multiple patterns, textures, and colors.  Low maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to water and stains.  Can easily scratch and chip — and can’t be repaired.

    Cast Polymers:  These feature a plethora of colors and cultured marble, granite, and onyx designs.  They are easy to clean and they resist stains and mildew.  At the same time, scratches and chips are pretty difficult to repair.

    Ceramic Tile:  Feature a wide variety of patterns and colors — as well as durable, easy to clean, and moisture-resistant.  The grout does needs to be sealed periodically and it may stain.


    Now, let’s discuss cabinets and storage…

    Furniture-style Vanities:  These feature distinctive hardware, intricate carvings, and a rich finish.  They contain multiple drawers and plenty of storage.

    Drawers:  Tilt-down angled drawers put all of your bathroom supplies in easy reach.

    Frameless (Euro) Vanities:  These feature a sleek and simple contemporary look.  They don’t have a frame and the doors are hung on the side of the cabinet.

    Framed Vanities:  Has a very traditional appearance.  Features recessed end panels and a rigid box frame.  The doors hang on the front of the box.  The vanity can be installed without having to butt up against a wall on either side.


    Self-rimming (Surface Mount) Sink:  Rests on the top of the counter after the sink is inserted into a hole cut in the countertop.  Considered the easiest sink to install.

    Vessel (Deck-mounted) Sinks:  The sink basin sits on the countertop, while the spout and faucets are mounted on the wall.

    Console Sinks:  This is a table-like fixture supported by ornamental brackets or legs resembling a small vanity table.

    Under-mount Sink:  These are attached to the underside of the countertop.  Most suitable for natural stone or solid-surface countertops.

    Integral Sinks:  Created from the same material as the countertop to create a clean, custom look as one unit with no visible joints.

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