• Quick Keys To A Transitional Kitchen

    Quick Keys To A Transitional Kitchen

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    July 11, 2017

    Transitional kitchens are basically a blend of contemporary chic and traditional charm.

    They tend to strike the perfect balance in a kitchen.

    Transitional kitchen are sometimes considered, “the great moderator.” Reason being, transitional kitchens feature the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of the contemporary style, creating a transitional kitchen emitting balance and harmony.

    Most transitional kitchens offer flexibility and are a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to limit themselves to a single style. They’re also perfect for someone whose design tastes span the two different styles.

    To make all this even easier to understand, we want to share the key features of a transitional kitchen.


    Transitional kitchens feature lots of texture.

    They also follow a pretty neutral palette. Transitional kitchens typically feature textural elements that add visual spark.


    Transitional kitchens add a touch of embellishment.

    Part of what separates transitional kitchens from contemporary kitchens is that they allow for decorative ornamentation.

    Corbels, windows, and millwork, as well as furnishings, bridge the gap between plain and fancy. Just don’t go overboard or the look will become more traditional than you intended.


    Transitional kitchens feature streamlined tile.

    This kitchen design style interprets traditional tile in a different way. For example, in a transitional kitchen, you may find backsplash featuring classic tumbled tiles stacked in a grid, instead of the more conventional offset or basket-weave pattern.


    Transitional kitchens feature natural surfaces.

    Marble, limestone, granite, and other natural countertop and flooring materials are versatile enough to fit into the either traditional or contemporary style.

    Therefore, they’re all a perfect fit for a transitional kitchen. Just steer clear of elaborate edge treatments on countertops or other flourishes that would look too ornate.


    Transitional kitchens feature very simple accents.

    Accessorizing in a transitional kitchen is extremely minimal.

    Avoid clutter and fussy displays, while keeping your patterns simple and graphic.


    Transitional kitchens feature natural materials against manufactured ones.

    For instance a stainless steel range hood can gleam against wood cabinets and a marble backsplash.

    Mixing the organic and man-made is one of the cornerstones of the transitional kitchen design.


    Transitional kitchens feature crisp cabinetry.

    Cabinets in a transitional kitchen have a streamlined profile that falls just short of modern. The cabinets are generally made of wood rather than a contemporary material such as lacquer. They also tend to sport sleek hardware and simple paneled doors.


    Transitional kitchens feature neutral colors.

    This kitchen design rarely utilizes strong, punchy palettes.

    Rather, they layer neutrals for a clean and monochromatic, yet still warm, effect.

    A dash of bold color here and there isn’t out of the question, but keep it to a minimum.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight in transitional kitchen designs.

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