• Pulls, Knobs and Other Cabinet Accessories

    Pulls, Knobs and Other Cabinet Accessories

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    September 28, 2016


    You can incorporate your own style right in your own custom cabinetry.

    Here are some features and tips for you…

    PULLS AND  KNOBS:  These are integral decorative elements to cabinetry.  You need to determine if they’re there to compliment or accent your cabinetry.

    Knobs and pulls come in wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic.

    Knobs are typically egg-shaped, round, square, or organic — and mounted using one screw.

    Pulls are typically mounted using two screws.

    Personal taste and price are really the only guiding factors.

    ACCESSORIES: Typical accessories provide optimum storage and organization.  You can get trash bins, lazy susans, recycling pull outs, and dividers for all your utensils.  Other accessories include plate displays, wine racks, and even spice racks.


    FACADES:  Integrated veneered panel systems are becoming more and more popular.  They are applied to the surfaces of dishwashers and refrigerators to match the cabinets; to give a hidden feel.

    LIGHTING: Strong light and illumination can increase productivity and brighten any area.  There’s a wide variety of lighting available with most stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets.  Above-cabinet lighting includes linkable light strips and task lighting, suiting spaces with lofty ceilings that are void of soffits.  Interior cabinet and drawer lighting provides a glow inside cabinetry.  Puck lights, fluorescent strips and decorative cabinet lighting offer general ambiance below upper cabinetry.

    Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas for use in your kitchen.

    Builder Supply Outlet carries a wide array of kitchen cabinetry and accessories.  We have Shiloh, Aspect, Eclipse, Mid Continent, and Prior Creek cabinetry, as well as Elements and Jeffrey Alexander pulls and knobs — all at affordable prices.

    Stop in to our Edge showroom (located in Builder Supply Outlet) or call one of our Edge designers today at 1-708-343-3900.