• Kitchen Counter Decor Made Simple

    Kitchen Counter Decor Made Simple

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    July 20, 2017

    Once you have the perfect kitchen countertops in place, you may want to start considering decorating them a bit.After all, the accessories you pick for your kitchen are the first elements your guests will notice.  You should look at adding accessories as an opportunity to express your design taste, as well as add visual interest and a distinct personality to your kitchen.

    Manufacturers of accessories have recognized this growing trend and now offer a large selection of unique, eye-catching, and fun accessory designs.Some of the most prominent accessories are your cooking tools.  Mixers, toasters, blenders, convention ovens, and other small appliances are commonplace in kitchens.  And as important as they are functionally, they are just as effective when it comes to your kitchen’s design style and appearance.The days when your choices for appliance design were “stainless and more stainless” are gone.Online and offline retailers carry a range of small appliances in bold colors and unique designs, with bright yellows and greens, reds, oranges and blues particularly common in contemporary kitchens.  Due to their low profile, accessories like these in bold colors can match up well with just about every kitchen style, from traditional to modern.

    And if you’re more daring and adventurous, you can add large appliances in a range of bold, retro colors and styles.  For instance, you can get ranges and refrigerators in bright reds, fuchsia and other unique colors. While small and large appliances make great visually interesting accessories, you may even opt to add colors and patterns through smaller design elements.One of the most common approaches is to use serving utensils and cookware as an opportunity to express some style, taste, and personality.  Like small appliances, these elements are also widely available in a rainbow of color choices, patterns, as well as unique shapes and sizes.

    You may also  add artwork or other decorative accessories to your kitchen.  This kitchen “theme” idea syncs with an overall aesthetic feel for the kitchen.  You may opt for a Western, Mediterranean, rustic and country theme.  They’re very common, and they also give you an opportunity to accessorize your kitchen with gorgeous artwork and other design elements that reference a particular time period or cultural influence.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight into the fun of choosing the perfect kitchen decor.

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