• Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

    Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

    Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

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    April 9, 2017

    There’s nothing like spring.

    It instantly garners images of flowers, grass, gorgeous pastels and a host of other pleasant images.  And that’s just on the outside!  There’s also the inside.

    There are many ways to brighten up your home with colorful spring décor using floral patterns, scents, and a plethora of other decorations.


    We recommend starting with a thorough spring cleaning to eradicate dirt and dust from areas of your home that aren’t a part of your regular cleaning routine.


    As the temperature warms up it’s natural to open windows and let the breeze in.  That leads to dust in areas that you normally don’t see it.

    So make sure to…

    • Dust Behind Large Items
    • Clean High Windows
    • Dust and Clean Vent Covers
    • Organize Closets
    • Dusting and Clean Baseboards
    • Clean Your Tile Grout


    Brighten up your home with Spring colors such as yellow, purple, pink and blue.

    You can add decorative throw pillows, vases, and other items that instill Spring colors.  You may even choose to swap out your Winter curtains for bright floral patterns.


    Fresh flowers bring a Spring feeling to every room.  From a large arrangement to a single flower, they are perfect for any home.

    We highly recommend Spring flowers including…

    • Tulips
    • Daffodils
    • Hyacinths
    • Alliums
    • Ranunculus


    You can switch out your table setting at the change of every season.

    Start with a pastel table cloth and a white table runner down the middle.  Also feel free to add a beautiful table setting.

    And of course, the centerpiece is what will bring the look together.  Add a few mix-and-match vases with one simple flower in each of them.  Use clear vases and dye the water, making a beautiful illusion.  If you’d rather have one focal point on your table, go with a large pitcher full of flowers.  This will give a vintage look to your Spring décor.  If your family celebrates Easter, add a decorative basket full of colorful eggs.


    Front door wreaths look great in the Springtime.

    Hang a eucalyptus wreath with tulips.  This will leave a fresh scent every time you walk into your home.


    Add fresh and floral scents throughout your home.  Lavender, rain, and lilac are popular candle selections.  This can be the perfect way to bring Spring into rooms with more permanent décor, including the bathroom, kitchen, or dining room, without changing the style.

    Essential oils are another way to release Spring scents into your home.  Utilizing essential oils also has many benefits for your family.  Lavender for instance, not only smells great, but it has properties that can help you naturally relax. Citrus oil scents such as lemongrass and wild orange can help improve focus and remove strong odors from the air.

    Hopefully this article gave you some great ideas!

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