• Installing Your Kitchen Countertop: What You Need To Know

    Installing Your Kitchen Countertop: What You Need To Know

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    June 20, 2018


    First and foremost, please note that countertops are usually installed at the end of any remodeling project.  That means that if you’re purchasing new appliances, cabinets, or flooring — you should install them first.

    Prior to installation you’ll need to have picked out your faucet(s) and sink(s) and cooktop so you make sure to get the proper sized countertop.  You’ll also need to have your lower cabinets and appliances picked and in-place.  (Any appliance that needs to be cut into the countertop will need to have been already selected to assure accuracy of template making and cutting in the fabrication process which allows for a smooth install.)

    Next — it’s time to schedule a time to meet with our licensed and certified countertop fabricator/installer.  We’ll call them on your behalf and schedule an in-home visit that fits your schedule.  The installer can confirm all the details of your new countertop purchase — verify measurements —  and create a template of your new countertop to ensure a correct fit.  If any adjustments are required, please make sure the store is aware prior to purchase.  Upon estimate approval, your installer will typically give you a tentative date to install your new countertop.

    Before Your Countertop Installation…

    The day before your installation, make sure to confirm the time that your installer will be arriving.  You can call them or set it up so that they call you.

    Make sure to disconnect and remove your old countertop, sinks, cooktop, appliances, and everything else required prior to installation.  (You should schedule a plumber and electrician for the day after your installation so they can reconnect plumbing and wiring as required.)

    Please remember that installing a new countertop is a major construction project and will likely create dust and noise.

    You may experience some disruption from your normal routine.  Cover the installation area’s entryways and vents to isolate dust and debris.  Make sure to clear a path through your home for easy access to the installation area, as well as the removal of trash and other debris.  You’ll also want to cover your furniture and floors along this path — as well as nearby areas in your home.  Make sure to remove all items from your cabinets.  Move anything that may break during installation — things like vases, lamps, lighting, mirrors, paintings, wall hangings, antiques or other valuables.

    During Countertop Installation…

    Upon arrival make sure your installer has everything they need to complete the install.  Please make sure you or someone representing you (18+ years old) is present during the installation to make any required decisions and to sign off on the final install.  No pets or children should be present during installation.  Remember — it’s your responsibility to make sure that your sink fits the base cabinet.

    Your Countertop Installer Should…

    Installer will typically install the countertop, add seams as necessary, and install the backsplash.  (Upper cabinets and range hood/microwave combinations must be installed prior to measurement for the full height backsplash for the best fit.)  You will be required to sign a statement confirming your satisfaction with the installation and that the countertop is damage-free.

    Unexpected Site Conditions You Must Factor in the Installation…

    On occasion, there will be electrical/plumbing damage, water damage, termite damage, or a slew of other damages that must be addressed before your installation can be completed. This may require another contractor.

    After Your Countertop is Installed…

    Please review the care and maintenance instructions and information for your new countertop.  We also recommend that you use cutting boards and/or trivets to protect your new kitchen countertop from cuts and heat sources.

    Do not place hot pans, pots, plates, or anything else directly on your new countertop.

    And most importantly — enjoy your new countertop.

    If you have any questions about countertops or anything else, please stop into Builder Supply Outlet or call us for more information at 1-708-343-3900.