• How To Install A Bathroom Vanity

    How To Install A Bathroom Vanity

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    July 23, 2017

    If you want to install your own bathroom vanity, here are the basic steps (like always if you feel the need for help, please contact us to help you at Builder Supply Outlet):

    1. Shut off the the hot & cold water shut-off valves underneath your sink.
    2. Disconnect the sink trap from the sink’s tailpiece (vertical drainpipe) by hand.
    3. Use an adjustable wrench, disconnect the hot & cold-water supply lines from the two shut-off valves.
    4. Slice through the old caulk around sink bowl using a sharp utility knife.
    5. Pry the old sink bowl out from the vanity top.
    6. Use a drill/driver to unscrew the vanity top from the cabinet.
    7. Remove the top.
    8. Cut out the floor of the vanity using a reciprocating saw.
    9. Set the new vanity cabinet into place where you want it.
    10. Turn off the water at the meter or main shut-off valve.
    11. Reposition the water-supply pipes (you may need to cut and sweat on new copper pipes).
    12. If necessary, use a handsaw to notch the cabinet back to fit around the drainpipe.
    13. Set the vanity cabinet into place.
    14. Use a jigsaw to cut an opening in the side of the vanity cabinet for the existing electrical outlet box.
    15. Secure electrical box to vanity with Madison bars.
    16. Bend over the metal tabs on the bars to securely hold the outlet box to the vanity.
    17. Screw the faceplate onto the outlet.
    18. Install new shut-off valves.
    19. Make the plumbing connections.
    20. Screw the vanity cabinet to wall.
    21. Install a faucet to the sink that’s attached to the new vanity top.
    22. Apply a continuous bead of silicone adhesive around the top edge of vanity.
    23. Set the vanity top in place.
    24. Connect the water supply lines to the shut-off valves and to the sink faucet.
    25. Use PVC primer and cement to connect the plastic drainpipe.
    26. Place a bead of plumber’s putty around the sink drain.
    27. Set the drain in the sink hole and tighten the nut from below.
    28. Remove any excess putty that squeezes out from under the drain flange.

    Whola… you should be all done!

    Hopefully you learned quite a bit about installing a new bathroom vanity.

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