• How To Go Vintage In The Bath

    How To Go Vintage In The Bath

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    October 4, 2017

    One of the most elegant choices for bathroom decor is “vintage.”

    If you love charm and elegance, you will love incorporating this style in your new bathroom.  The vintage style is hot and trending, which also makes it attractive to home buyers, if you decide to sell.


    Regardless of what style you choose, vintage or other, an outdated bathroom might need more than a few decorative upgrades to look and function great, as well as provide great resale value.  So with that in mind, a bathroom remodel can be a worthwhile investment.

    The average cost to remodel a bathroom (depending on how elaborate you go) is between $8,000 to $10,000.


    For a vintage look, you’ll likely need to upgrade your vanity.  It’s a piece that draws the eye and has a lot of important elements that bring the bathroom together.  Vintage bathroom vanities make a great home project as you can install it yourself, or easily hire a carpenter for little cost.


    Bathroom mirrors are another focal point in your bathroom.  The good news is that you likely don’t have to invest in a new mirror.  You can simply create a decorative vintage frame around your current mirror.  Consider keeping the wood visible or giving it a gold coat of paint.

    If you want to upgrade your mirror, there are plenty of vintage styles available.  Look for options with thin gold trim and distressed corners.  The average cost to install a new bathroom mirror is between $200 and $1,300, depending on how elaborate and large the mirror is.


    If your sink is separate from your vanity, it’s likely to stand out if it does not match the rest of the room’s décor.  Sinks are a large project to replace.  If you’re on a budget, change the faucet to enhance the vintage look before installing a new sink.

    It’s a less costly alternative.

    Look for chrome faucets with ceramic handles or cross handle faucets.

    Still, a new sink can help complete your vintage bathroom look.  A large, white porcelain sink is the look you’ll want.  The average cost to install a sink is $400.


    Light fixtures are hot right now.  From exposed Edison bulbs to aged steel wall sconces, there are many vintage options to choose from.  Make your light fixture stand out.  Regardless of the style, light fixtures are taking center stage in any room.


    The wall décor can really pull the entire look together.  Start at your local secondhand store to see what items you might be able to find or repurpose.  Wood signs are always a great staple in any vintage style room.  For wall prints, look for black and white with a thick wooden frame.  Wire shelving and floral accents are nice touches to add to a vintage bathroom.


    You’ll need a place to hold your toothbrush, soap, and other accessories.  The go-to for any vintage bathroom are mason jars.  Use white paint to dress them up or leave them plain.  Wide-mouth jars work best for storage and reaching.

    White marble, porcelain, or gold accessories will do very well here.  Don’t forget about towels and curtains.  Dark gray, pastel purple or a simple cream will give your vintage bathroom the extra touch it needs.  Simple patterns in black and white will pop in the space.  Stick to cloth as they are easiest to clean, simply by popping it in the washing machine when dirty.

    A vintage look is perfect for any bathroom. You can combine your favorite things with this theme and it’s sure to look great. Look for wood elements, gold accents, and distressed items to give your bathroom the makeover it needs.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you an insight into vintage renovation ideas for your new bathroom.

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