• How To Find A Good Contractor

    How To Find A Good Contractor

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    September 29, 2016

    Tips to Find (and work with) a Good Contractor

    Finding a competent and/or reliable contractor isn’t a struggle when you know how.

    Here are some tips of the trade you can use to find a contractor who’ll get the job done right — and hopefully under budget:

    • Know exactly what you want in vivid detail.
    • Get references from friends, family members, colleagues, local business associations or others who’ve had the same or similar work done.
    • Interview 3-5 contractors and compare scheduling, materials, and pricing.
    • Be patient; good contractors are very busy.
    • Make sure you know who the contractor is and whom they may be subcontracting to.
    • Find a contractor that is an expert on your type of project.
    • Check online and offline for any complaints or litigation filed against the contractor.
    • Make sure your contractor is licensed.
    • Ask for their references and then check them all.
    • Go see their past or current work.
    • Read reviews online.
    • Make sure all contracts are accurate to the smallest detail.
    • Make sure they get all the necessary permits themselves; you do not do this yourself.
    • Put down as little money as possible to start the job; as little as 5%.
    • Expect extra fees as the project goes on — so build in 10-15% for unexpected fees and costs.
    • Know whom is in your home working and when.
    • Talk to the contractor frequently to make sure they’re on schedule and doing what they said they’d do.
    • Verify the contractor’s insurance coverage.
    • Get lien releases and receipts for all products purchases.
    • Never make the final payment until the entire project is complete.

    Hopefully these tips will help you find the contractor that’s perfect for you.  When you purchase from Builder Supply Outlet, we can help you find expert installers for any project.

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