• How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen

    How To Feng Shui Your Kitchen

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    January 14, 2016

    The kitchen is the part of your home that nourishes the body and aids to sustained life.

    Many ancient mystics believe that the kitchen is the most important part of the home, as well as an area that symbolizes prosperity and wealth.  This is one reason it is believed that you should never have a kitchen too close to the front or back door as the energy of the room escapes through them.

    As you know, food gives all of us energy.  And food absorbs the energy of the room and atmosphere in general.  This is why it’s believed that food needs to be prepared in a beautiful, harmonious and well-organized kitchen.  The kitchen should have a balanced flow of Sheng Chi, or ‘good’ Feng Shui energy.

    It is believed that good nutrition is part of good Feng Shui.  Therefore you want to add healthy, organic foods to your diet, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.  Besides the nutritional value, organic fruits and vegetables carry strong healing vibrations from earth; a quality of energy that our bodies need.  What you prepare in the kitchen helps to determine the Feng Shui energy in the kitchen.

    As you constantly exchange energy with your surroundings, you’ll find that a good Feng Shui kitchen inspires one to be a good spirited chef.  This leads to good energetic meals feeding a healthy, happy family.

    To further ‘Feng Shui’ your kitchen be sure to:

    • Implement several levels of soothing lighting
    • Keep it airy and spacious
    • Clean, clean and clean
    • Keep it bright
    • Limit unnecessary gadgetry
    • Avoid clutter
    • Add ‘fresh’ flowers to the décor to bring ‘life’ to the kitchen
    • Discard dead flowers right away
    • Add a bowl of fruit
    • Place living plants around the area
    • Choose soothing earthy colors that blend well and feel good together
    • Consider the color ‘yellow’ as it’s known to be soothing and aid digestion
    • Have the cook face the kitchen entrance
    • Place the cooktop on an island so the cook can face the door
    • Keep the stove away from a window
    • Design your kitchen with distance between your stove, sink and refrigerator
    • Keep the burners clean and use each one equally to illustrate the movement of good fortune in your life
    • Apply the same order to your pantry and cabinets
    • Remove Broken items, empty boxes and containers
    • Keep trash and recycling centers out of sight
    • Keep knives out of sight
    • Hang pictures of fruits or vegetables, as well as mirrors on your kitchen’s walls
    • Surround yourself with meaningful things with positive Ch’i
    • Choose rounded corners over squared ones for tables, countertops, and chairs
    • Select wood over pointed glass tables
    • Hide and protect existing corners with plants and cushion
    • Choose a softer, safer wood model rounded dining room table over a pointed glass one

    Since ancient times, the kitchen was (and is) considered to be the heart of the home.  Use Feng Shui to make it happy and healthy.

    Follow these Feng Shui tips to further create a home where family and friends continue to share many beautiful moments and memories together.  The beautiful energy you create in your kitchen will prove an excellent investment in you and your family’s health and well-being.

    Hopefully this article helped you with some great Feng Shui ideas.  No matter what, the Edge Showroom Kitchen and Bath Designers at Builder Supply Outlet are here to help you with all your home improvement needs.

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