• How Often Should You Change Your Lockset?

    How Often Should You Change Your Lockset?

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    December 11, 2016

    Home security is a big part of home safety.

    Door locksets are the most basic form of home security — yet very overlooked.

    Many people think their home alarm is the end-all-be-all.  No — more important are the exterior locks.  So, it almost goes without saying that it’s important to maintenance and update your locks.  While door locks aren’t something that you’ll likely have to change very often, there are certain incidents that warrant changing the locks.

    Let’s go through them…

    When you’ve moved into a new house or apartment.

    You have no idea how many other people made keys to your place over the years.  Better safe than sorry — get new locks just in case.

    When you’ve lost your keys, or had them stolen.

    When either of these incidents happen, change your locks as soon as possible.  You have no idea where your keys ended up.

    When you break up a relationship.

    When these incidents happen emotions skyrocket.  This may lead to some not so good things like someone breaking and entering, stealing items, repossessing items, or in some cases, even kidnapping a child or doing physical harm.

    Again — better safe than sorry.

    When you’ve been robbed.

    Many robberies include damage to locks and doors.  Therefore, replacing locks is a must.

    When you’re experiencing lock trouble.

    Locks require maintenance.  They, like everything else, fail or become badly damaged, to the point they cannot be used.

    This can lead to an easy robbery.

    There are many other situations to keep in mind as well.  You may have had many home professionals in your home that had access to your keys, you may have had a roommate move out, you may have just had a baby and want to extra child-proof the home, for starters.

    Great reasons for changing locks.

    Hopefully these tips help you better understand why you need to stay on top of your locksets.  And if you need new locks, stop by.  We carry the top lockset brands including Delaney and Callan.

    Feel free to stop into Builder Supply Outlet with any home improvement questions you may have or call us anytime at 1-708-343-3900.