• Housing Trends That Keep Paying Back

    Housing Trends That Keep Paying Back

    Housing Trends That Keep Paying Back

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    April 6, 2017

    The following are hot housing trends that seem to never go away…

    Front Door Replacement

    Some say it’s the most valuable remodeling project you can undertake (in terms of cost recovered).

    While they cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace, their return on investment is hard to beat.

    Bathroom Remodel

    Bathroom remodels are arguably the most popular home remodeling projects.

    The bathroom is the most trafficked room in the home and it’s the only room that you must enter at least two times a day.  Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the deciding factors for most people to buy a home.

    Typically you can recover around 60% of the cost of your bathroom remodel.

    Garaged Door Remodel

    Another high return on investment renovation project is garage door replacement.

    The percentage retrieved for the last three years was Some claim you can recoup 88% upon the sale of your home.

    Kitchen Remodel

    The kitchen will ultimately sell your home.  This is the room where potential homeowners envision themselves and will more often than not, make or break the sale.

    You can recoup as much as 83% of your kitchen remodel investment.

    Some of the kitchen aspects many homeowners remodel are:

    • Countertops
    • Cabinets
    • Flooring
    • Undercabinet Lighting
    • Lighting
    • Islands
    • Storage

    Deck Addition

    One way to really take advantage of your home is by enjoying it on a sun deck

    Some homeowners recoup at least 80% of the total cost after adding a wood deck

    Replacing Siding

    While vinyl siding replacements certainly dominated the industry over the last decade, other options are starting to creep up the list as more homeowners are going with wood, brick, or even stone as well.

    The average recoup percentage for vinyl siding replacement is as high as 81%.

    Attic Bedrooms

    Many homeowners are adding or converting rooms into bedrooms as a result of elderly parents moving in or children returning from college.

    Adding a bedroom can vastly increase the value of your home.  Bigger families demand homes with more bedrooms and as a result, pay more.

    Many people reported recouping as much as 77% of the cost to add a bedroom.

    Window Replacement

    Homeowners are becoming more energy efficient.

    As a result, they’re replacing their old, beat-up windows with energy-efficient windows that keep all that expensive warm air in the home where it belongs.

    Many people said they recouped as high as 75% of the total cost of their window replacement.

    If you are looking to recoup the value of your next home remodeling project, start with these 9 projects; they’ll likely remain some of the most valuable home renovation projects for many years to come.

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