• Hidden Home Storage Opportunities

    Hidden Home Storage Opportunities

    Hidden Home Storage Opportunities

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    February 13, 2017

    There’s no need to cramp your living space or walk over things stacked on your floor.

    Some storage solutions are right in front of you.

    Untapped storage solutions exist in just about every home.  There are hidden places to put things high, low, and everywhere else between you floor and ceilings.

    Here are a few great places to store things that are off the beaten path (so to speak)…

    In Tight Spaces:  Even with a few inches between the fridge and the cabinets, you can likely install a narrow pull out pantry or broom closet.  Finish the front in a paint color, stain/veneer, and add hardware to match the rest of your cabinets.

    Kids’ Rooms:  Spice racks mounted inside closet doors make ideal picture-book shelves.  Double hang closet rods that hook over the stationary rods to add storage and make it easy for children to reach and dress themselves.  A sturdy wall hook for each child, either in their rooms or in the mudroom, can keep backpacks from adding to a mess on the floor.  You can even get a fabric or a mesh hammock for a corner of the room to consolidate stuffed animals.

    Under Stairs:  Staircases hide a plethora of space that you can use for pull out storage, extra closet space, cabinets, shoe racks, pantries, wine coolers and bookcases.

    Garage Ceiling:  Put some of your things up in the air. Build a small loft or ready made ceiling storage for the garage.

    Above Doors:  Install sturdy shelving above and around the door frames.  What you store will depend on the door’s location.  Just make sure your shelves are sturdy.

    Tops of Wall Cabinets:  If your kitchen cabinets don’t go to the ceiling, a row of pretty baskets can hide items you don’t use.

    On Doors:  Doors are a great place to hang dish towels and bath towels.  You can also use over-the-door hooks, towel bars, spice racks and baskets that slip over the tops of cabinet doors, closet doors and even bathroom doors.  Cabinet door spice racks are also terrific bathroom catch-alls for cosmetics, dental floss, eye drops or anything else that you use daily.  Holsters for hairdryers and other styling tools can be built into the inside of vanity cabinet doors.

    Between Wall Studs:  If you have an empty stretch of wall that stretches two or more studs, you have great shelf space.  You could go with floating shelves or baskets or create recessed shelving that doesn’t protrude into the room’s space by cutting out part of the drywall.  Just make sure to avoid areas with plumbing or electrical wiring.

    Under Cabinets:  What’s under your kitchen cabinets behind the kick plates?  Usually nothing.  Adding drawer storage there makes room for everything from baking pans and cutting boards to pet feeding stations.

    Under Your Floor:  If you have it, make use of the space under the subfloor for compartments to store sporting equipment and clothes.  You may not want to cut up your hardwood living room floor, but the floor inside a small closet is great for creating this type of hidden storage.

    Find out what storage solutions we can help you with by shopping at the Edge Showroom in Broadview, IL.

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