• Great Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas And Trends

    Great Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas And Trends

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    August 2, 2018

    The shower is a an important part of the look of your bathroom.

    If your shower is outdated, worn, or otherwise drab, it’s time for a remodel.

    So before remodeling, make sure to set your budget and then consult with a FREE Edge Showroom Kitchen and Bath Designer.

    One quick way to alter and instantly improve the look of any bathroom is to update/retile your shower.  Retiling can instantly freshen up the look any bathroom and improve your home’s return on investment.


    As with any home improvement project, you must budget accordingly.

    While bathroom remodeling isn’t a cheap endeavor, you may find that re-tiling your shower could be just what you need at the present time.  Make sure to set aside a minimum of $25/SQ.FT. if you plan on having someone come in and do the job for you.

    Let’s take a moment and briefly look at a few really gorgeous tile options that may work perfect for your bathroom, while staying well within your budget.


    Cultured Marble is a stunning look that never goes out of style.  It’s elegant and reasonably priced.

    Just remember to avoid using abrasive cleaners on Cultured Marble.  They can cause cracks and scratches that will grow over time.


    Pebble and Rock tiles look great in the shower.

    River Rock tiles are among the more popular choices.  It will add a unique element to your shower.  River Rock tile comes in individual pieces that can be in mosaic together or in precut sizes.  Precut will be easier to work with.

    This type of tile can be cleaned with any natural stone cleaner.  And don’t forget about the grout.  Due to the fact that the rocks are in different sizes and shapes, the grout lines may be dirty.  They can easily trap moisture and soap residue. Therefore, this tile requires regular grout cleaning.


    Mosaic Glass is absolutely gorgeous.  There are also many options.

    Glass tile is also simple to keep clean with any multi-purpose bathroom spray or glass cleaner.  And, it’s extremely resistant to any type of stain.

    One thing you need to know is that installation takes patience and you need to know how to work with Glass Tile.  These are touch pieces to fit together.

    Glass Tile is also more costly than other options, so keep that in mind when budgeting.


    Travertine is among the most elegant natural stone tile options.

    It is beautiful and considered timeless.  You typically find Travertine in shower floors, but more and more, people are seeing Travertine’s potential to create beautiful shower walls.

    Travertine must be sealed.  You need to protect it from mildew and mold.  And also keep in mind that you should never use a high gloss sealant if you have Travertine floors, as these sealers can cause you to fall or slip in the shower.

    Travertine tile also requires a bit more care when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.  Because it’s a natural stone, you need to refrain from using standard bathroom cleaners or vinegar-based cleaning solutions.  They will likely cause damage to the tile.  Simply use a natural stone shower cleaner that you can get at any home improvement store.


    Subway Tile is a hot trend right now.

    It has a vintage, and seemingly timeless look.  And the best part is that there are countless color options.

    Going with one with a glossy finish will not only look terrific, it’ll help resist mildew.


    Faux Wood Tile is a relatively new trend that’s being used all over the house.

    It’s typically made of porcelain or ceramic.

    Faux Wood Tile will give your bathroom shower a stunning rustic look.  Your shower will absolutely take center stage!

    New shower tile, no matter the option, will give your shower the updated look it needs.  Hopefully this article gave you some great ideas and tips that you can implement right away.

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