• Frequently Asked Builder Supply Outlet Questions

    Frequently Asked Builder Supply Outlet Questions

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    July 25, 2016

    Following is a list of questions customers frequently ask so we thought it would be helpful to share our replies.

    Q. Do you sell used products?
    A. No. All of our products are new. And from time to time we will sell displays.

    Q. How do I measure my kitchen?
    A. We recommend going to buildersupplyoutlet.com, where you’ll find a video that explains the entire process.

    Q. How do you compare to a big box store?
    A. Our products are generally a higher quality than your average big box store items for a similar or lower price.

    Q. Do I get a discount if my contractor/builder makes the purchase?
    A. No. We sell products at the same price to everyone. Our prices are usually better that other company’s so called “contractor / builder discounts, or pesky instant and mail in rebates”.

    Q. Is there anyone that speaks Spanish or Polish?
    A. Yes, we have many bilingual sales people that speak Polish or Spanish.

    Q. Do I need an appointment to meet with a kitchen designer?
    A. No, but it is highly recommend. Because each kitchen design is different and personalized for you, a design could take up to 2 hours. We do not want anyone to have to wait if they don’t have to.

    Q. Do you have another location?
    A. We do not. There are a lot of businesses with similar names but there is only one Builder Supply Outlet and we’re located in Broadview, Illinois.