• Flooring Styles And Trends

    Flooring Styles And Trends

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    December 11, 2017

    Your flooring impacts the room as much as any other decorative element.

    With that in mind, “now” may be the perfect time to upgrade any outdated or worn out flooring.

    Here are some great choices for upgrading your flooring.


    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, as it’s heavily visited.  If you’re planning to remodel it or ready to update an old kitchen floor, you need to choose a replacement that’s sure to last.


    The days of tacky looking vinyl flooring are gone.  You need something stylish and durable.

    Luxury vinyl gives the look of hardwood and tile without the expensive price tag.  It’s fairly easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors to match your style.


    It’s highly durable and easy to clean. Tile is a perfect choice for the kitchen.

    When it comes to material, ceramic tile flooring is a great choice.  The average cost to install a ceramic tile floor is very reasonable per square foot.

    And keep in mind that when it comes to a ceramic tile style, a choice that’s here to stay is gray tile.  You can also go with wood-look ceramic tile that mimics wood.  This means you can get the look of a hardwood floor without risking the damage and expensive price tag.


    The bathroom is a high-moisture and high-traffic area.

    Finding the right floor is crucial.  Among the top options is tile.  Tile can handle foot traffic and hold up very well against water and moisture.

    Popular bathroom tile styles and designs include geometric shapes, like octagons and rectangles.  Look for colors in gray, white, and even black to mix and match or create a continuous look.

    Tile, that doesn’t actually look like tile, is also becoming popular.  For instance, cement and marble look-alike tile both provide the look without all the upkeep and huge price tag.


    Hardwood flooring never goes out of style.

    Wide plank wood floors add to rustic décor as well as reclaimed wood floors.  Bamboo hardwood floors are popular as they add to the effort of creating a green and sustainable home.  The choices are endless!

    When it comes to wood type and stain, some fun choices include an ultra-light blonde or dark hardwood.  This all depends on the style of room you have.  Lighter woods work great in a contemporary room, while dark wood creates the warmth needed in a rustic room.  If you’re considering a hardwood floor installation, the wood you choose will factor into your total cost.  Hardwood floors can be pricey and worth every penny.

    The flooring in your home is one of the largest decorative pieces you have.  If you’re due for an upgrade, consider one of these flooring ideas.

    Hopefully this brief article gave you some great advice for choosing your flooring like our L W Mountain Flooring brand.

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