• Edge Showroom Website Just Released!

    Edge Showroom Website Just Released!

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    November 26, 2016

    The Edge showroom (inside Builder Supply Outlet) was created by Builder Supply Outlet founder Tom Jahnke to provide a multi-sensory, modern, and innovative approach to selecting the perfect kitchen and bathroom.  And to do it using a very specific process that’s fun and affordable for the consumer.

    At the Edge, you’re provided with a kitchen/bath designer at no charge — it’s part of the experience.  They also design your entire kitchen and bath on a big screen monitor right before your eyes.  Here’s why Tom decided to do that — he understands that designing a kitchen and bath takes work, experience, and massive organization.  There are a ton of details and moving parts to the process.  He doesn’t want you to miss something when it’s too late.  Not only that — Tom wants to make sure everything gets installed properly and to your satisfaction.  So your designer handles everything with you from concept to install.  And you can be rest assured, our four kitchen/bath designers are all highly experienced and educated on all the latest designs as well as highly creative if you want to go into uncharted territory.

    To learn more about each of our 4 Edge kitchen/bath designers, please click here.

    The Edge features all pre-selected brands by Tom himself.  With decades in the industry — Tom Jahnke is the guy to know and to listen to when it comes to kitchen/bath design.  He also makes deals on products (cabinets, vanities, hardware, bath accessories, doors, faucets, sinks, locks, etc…) that are unprecedented through his amazing network of contacts all over the world.  Tom will pass these deals onto you.  That’s why Builder Supply Outlet is Chicagoland’s largest vanity retailer.

    You can see all the Edge brands by simply clicking here.

    With the Edge website now in place, you can contact an Edge kitchen/bath designer right away and schedule an appointment here.

    Keep checking back for more information as Tom and the team  grow the Edge website.

    For now, schedule and appointment and come on in and see what the Edge kitchen/bath designers can do for you.

    The Edge showroom is conveniently located inside Builder Supply Outlet at —

    Builder Supply Outlet, 2171 W. Cermak Rd., Broadview, IL 60155 — 1-708-343-3900