• Drywall Cutting Made Easy

    Drywall Cutting Made Easy

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    May 16, 2017

    No matter what size your kitchen or bathroom remodel is, you’re going to need to cut drywall.   Before you begin your remodel, be sure to accurately measure and purchase the right drywall panels.  This will reduce the amount of cutting you’re going to have to do.

    Use full sheets when you can.  And always make sure to cut the drywall panel to length so that the end falls in the center of a joist or stud.  Then you’ll be able to attach the next panel to the other half of the joist or stud.

    Now this is just the start – let’s go through more tips and strategies for accurately cutting drywall so you have the perfect kitchen or bathroom remodel!

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    Making cuts along the length of a sheet of drywall can be tough and tedious. One method you can use is to snap a chalkline along the sheet. Then score the line by hand. You may also opt to use a tape measure to mark out accurate guide lines.

    For cutting inside corners, simply cut one side with a drywall saw. Next, score the other side of the drywall with a utility knife and snap it back as you would any other cut. From there, bend the back panel away from the score line to break it along the score. It’s usually simpler to snap the panel away from you. Don’t rip the paper face when using a drywall saw. Make cuts away from the hand holding the straight edge.


    Here is the process for handling vertical cuts…

    A. Mark the panel. Score it using a straight edge and utility knife. Pass the knife just through the top layer of paper and into the core.
    B. Snap the drywall panel along the score line and away from cut side.
    C. Score the back of the panel with a utility knife to break the paper, and then snap forward to break.
    D. Rasp and sand the edges of the drywall panel to remove any bumps or imperfections.


    Here is the process for handling horizontal cuts…

    A. Mark the panel according to your measurements. Snap a line across the panel to provide a straight line for scoring.
    B. Use a tape measure as a straight edge to mark the cutting line.


    Measure from the center of the fitting to the sides of where the drywall sheet will be attached, then transfer the measurements to a sheet of drywall. Use this mark as the center point of the hole. Use a circular hole cutter to score the hole’s outline several times, so that you may then tap it out with a hammer.


    Cutting square holes takes careful marking and measuring. Measure from the side edge of where the sheet will go to the right and left sides of the box. Then measure from the top and bottom edges to the top and bottom of the box. Transfer these marks to the sheet of drywall and cut it with a saw.


    You must always use good tools that are in good condition. Otherwise, cutting drywall will be very difficult.

    It’s important that you always use a sharp blade when cutting drywall. A blunt blade can tear the paper face, leaving a more difficult seam to finish later.

    Always score the panels before attempting to cut through them. The best way to cut a piece of drywall is to use the “score-and-snap” method discussed. Score along one face of the sheet and then snap it back. If there is damage done to the back of the drywall, it will not be noticed on your finished wall. Always snap the panel away from the score cut and you’re done.

    Hopefully you learned quite a bit about installing drywall.

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