• Create a More Functional Kitchen

    Create a More Functional Kitchen

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    June 30, 2016

    Today’s kitchen remodels aren’t necessarily about making them bigger, it’s about making them more functional. The above photo is from a recent kitchen remodel developed by Builder Supply Outlet designer Mariola Sopala. Her renovation, featuring Mid Continent Portico style cabinets with an antique white finish and chocolate glaze, not only made the space beautiful… they made it more useful. Here are just a few of the updates that made this kitchen much more efficient and purposeful.

    • Eliminated kitchen soffits to allow for 39” versus 30” cabinets
    • Replaced walk-in pantry with matching cabinet pantry
    • Added working cabinet elements including two Super Lazy Susans, roll out spice organizer and built in garbage pull out
    • Created a peninsula overhang for additional seating

    Come talk to one of our designers today and get started on making your kitchen more inviting, beautiful and functional.