• Choosing The Proper Thinset

    Choosing The Proper Thinset

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    November 20, 2016

    One of the most important things in your tiling project is the thinset or mortar used, and it’s necessary to choose the right kind to achieve the results you desire.  The importance of using the correct thinset is often overlooked because the thinset it’s not seen in the finished installation.  However, it is essential to the life of the tile to use the right setting materials.

    Multipurpose Mortars

    Thinset tile mortar is available for a variety of applications and products, from the kitchen, bathroom and shower, outdoors, walls and beyond.  Most multipurpose products are best suited to standard interior uses, and can be used over concrete, cement board, or ditra underlayment.

    Accelerated Applications

    When time is of the essence, a rapid-setting form of thinset can be a true lifesaver.  These compounds are made to cure in a fraction of the time of regular mortar products, often making them suitable for professionals and experienced installers but more difficult for novice users.

    Large Format / No-Sag Solutions

    Large Format tile requires a compound which will offer the strength and stability needed for proper adhesion.  If you’re installing large tile on a wall, also choose a non-sag thinset product to ensure proper hold.

    Hope these tips help you pick the perfect thinset for all your flooring needs!