• Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Will Save You Money, Energy, Time And Aggravation

    Bathroom Remodeling Tips That Will Save You Money, Energy, Time And Aggravation

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    June 19, 2017

    If you want to upgrade or update your bathroom without flushing your hard earned cash down the drain (no pun intended), then take these tips to heart when you remodel your bathroom.


    Work with an Edge Kitchen and Bath Designer (schedule here for FREE).

    This is time well spent.  An Edge Kitchen and Bath Designer will get you going in the right direction and follow through with the entire project.

    They will help you pick your layout, vanity, countertop, sinks, faucets, hardware, and everything else.  They’ll also work with you on hiring an installer and following through on everything.  And it will cost you nothing!  Just click here to get started.

    The Edge Kitchen and Bath Showroom features top bathroom brands including James Martin, Bertch, Bala, Elkay, Elements, Jeffrey Alexander, Danze, Eden, Shiloh, Q QuartzHunnington Brass, Lenova, and a slew of other top brands.

    Doing this by yourself, will cost you time, energy, money and aggravation.


    Upgrade your tired vanity as it’s the bathroom’s centerpiece.

    Get one with the perfect sink opening and plenty of storage space.

    The Edge Kitchen and Bath Showroom stocks hundreds of vanities at huge discounts.  In fact, they are Chicagoland’s top vanity retailer, bar none.


    Use the existing piping to save a ton of money.

    Relocating the sink, toilet, and bathtub are all huge costly tasks.

    In fact, it’s estimated, that each plumbing relocation can cost $5,000 or more.


    Frame the builder-grade mirror.

    Use a gorgeous frame, instead of sourcing a huge hanging mirror.

    A good frame will hide any age-related wear, and give it a new look.


    Consider replacing your toilet seat and lid rather than tossing out the whole porcelain piece.

    Updating these two tops can give your toilet a fresh modern look without buying a new unit, which will save you the cost of parts and installation.


    In areas where you don’t have tile, consider low-cost alternatives like reclaimed wood panels, board and batten, or beadboard.  They make great high-end decorations.

    While wood requires more maintenance, it gives off a much warmer, comforting vibe than tile.


    Open shelves create the illusion of space in a small bathroom.

    And they can be very inexpensive.

    A few drawers or covered baskets on high shelves can house your private items.  Below you can keep towels, soaps, perfumes, washes, and other bathroom items.


    Upgrade any builder-grade lighting.

    Builder-grade lighting fixtures are typically ugly.

    Adding lots of bright light to a bathroom is one of the most valuable upgrades you can make.


    Don’t underestimate the impact that colorful paint can have on a small space.

    If you coordinate paint with your tile, it can bring an entirely new dimension to your bathroom.


    Make sure the look and quality of your vanity and countertop sync well.

    Consider a beautiful granite, quartz, or marble top for both looks and functionality.

    Hopefully you’ve learned what you need to know to start the process for remodeling your bathroom.

    And of course, don’t forget the kitchen.  Builder Supply Outlet and the Edge Showroom carry the top kitchen cabinet brands including Waypoint, Shiloh, Aspect, Eclipse, Prior Creek, MidContinent, and Bertch. Stop in anytime to learn more about kitchen cabinets or make an appointment and meet with an Edge Kitchen and Bath Designer absolutely FREE by clicking here.

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