• Backsplash That WOWS!

    Backsplash That WOWS!

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    April 23, 2017

    Your kitchen’s backsplash will bring the whole look of your kitchen together.

    The perfect backsplash will make your your kitchen reach its potential.  So you need to make sure to find the backsplash color and material that perfectly fit with your personality, the kitchen’s look, your cleaning style, and of course your budget.

    Let’s look at this in greater detail.


    Selecting a backsplash idea is just the beginning.  Now you need to decide whether you want cement, subway, mosaic, patterned or a laser cut.


    Additional visual space, a variety of styles and a relatively affordable cost make mirror a great backsplash choice.  This flashy backsplash material can work in almost any kitchen design.


    Whether salvaged or containing recycled material, recycled tile can add a unique element to your kitchen that’s easy on your conscience and good for the environment.


    Consider a different kind of backsplash: a new window.  A beautiful view, more light and fresh air could improve your kitchen’s style and functionality.


    Take an old-fashioned approach to your backsplash and use simple tin tiles.  This time-tested material is durable, beautiful and easily affordable for most budgets.


    Maybe you feel like your classic kitchen needs a different touch. Or maybe you’re just ready to embrace the unusual. Either way, one of these unique backsplash materials can help you get the statement-making look you want.

    If you have your heart set on a marble backsplash but can’t afford the counter-to-ceiling application you envisioned, don’t give up your dream just yet.  Simply cut your backsplash in half — or more!.  This will instantly reduce cost without sacrificing efficiency.

    Feel free to stop into Builder Supply Outlet or the Edge Showroom with any home improvement questions you may have regarding backsplash, cleaning, tile, sealing, grout, windows, kitchen cabinets, remodeling, construction, contractors, designing/installing a new kitchen or bathroom — or anything else.  We can help you through the entire design and installation process from A-Z.  Or call us anytime in Broadview, IL at 1-708-343-3900. You can also make an appointment to meet with one of our Edge Kitchen and Bathroom designers at no charge by clicking here.