• 6 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

    6 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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    March 23, 2016

    We asked our kitchen designers what some of the most popular… and avoidable… renovation mistakes are that people make. Here’s what they told us.

     Not Measuring Correctly

    Measuring for kitchen cabinets is one of the most critical steps in renovating a kitchen. We say measure three times…order once. In cases where walls are taken down, it’s important to collect final measurements after the drywall is finished as the slightest measurement difference can cause a lot of problems and installation issues. And don’t forget…the size of new appliances may affect your cabinet measurements.

     Not Hiring Professional Installers

    builders-blog-2Kitchen cabinets are a valuable home investment so if you are going to spend the money to purchase them it’s smart to hire a professional installer. There is a difference between hanging cabinets and installing them correctly. And when done right you can be sure that you’ll have cabinets with tight joints, flush frames, and perfectly aligned doors.

     Not Installing New Floors Under Appliances

    Whether you’re using hardwood floors or tile, make sure to install your floor under all appliances.  It simply saves you time when, a few years down the road, you need to replace the dishwasher and you can easily slide it out.

     Not Thinking About Lighting

    Lighting is an important element in kitchen design. Think about how you want work or service surfaces illuminated and have lines installed before kitchen cabinets go in…especially if you want under cabinet lighting.

    Not Thinking About Quantity of Storage

    Today’s kitchen cabinets offer a variety of storage options and accessories. From roll out panels to pull out spice racks and layered drawers, there are many things to consider. Now’s the time to think about what kind of storage you want because chances are you won’t get it later.

     Not Working With a Kitchen Designer

    builders-blog-3A kitchen designer can help bring many of your ideas to life and can offer suggestions you may not have considered. If you want things to go smoothly and you want things done right, a kitchen designer is a wonderful source to help avoid mistakes in your renovation.