• 5 Keys To Buying Your Perfect Front Door

    5 Keys To Buying Your Perfect Front Door

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    September 29, 2016


    Your front doorway is key when it comes to making a great impression on guests and visitors. Your door should both represent your unique style while accenting and complimenting your home. A door must not be overlooked as it’s the centerpiece of your home’s beautiful exterior.

    So when you decide to purchase a new front door, we want you to consider all of the following…

    – Curb Appeal: The impression your home makes on guests and also potential buyers down the road. A quality door gives the impression that the rest of the home is quality as well.

    – Durability: Your front door should be durable and secure. Some doors are impact resistant which is a big plus. Also keep in mind that fiberglass doors last better in various extreme climates.

    – Energy Efficiency: Doors that are energy efficient can save you upward of 10% on your monthly energy bill. Your door should fit right and provide excellent insulation.

    – Styles: Doors are typically made from metal, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Some frames have artistic cutouts for clear or colored glass designs. Other doors also have artistic embellishments around the outer edges of the hinged component. You need to select a style that suits your personal taste.

    – Color Schemes: The door should provide contrast against your homes exterior design. A bold door color could pair well with a more muted siding. Let your door make a statement without overshadowing the other elements of your exterior decor.

    These are all key considerations that you must think through prior to making a choice.

    So — if you’re in the market for a door, or are ready to make an immediate purchase, visit Builder Supply Outlet today and talk with one of our designers. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll guide you to the perfect door that suits your taste and style.

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