Do you have that awkward space between the top of your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling?

Some people consider it the ultimate dust collector.  But it doesn’t have to be; you have options.

Here are some fun ways to go from an “awkward” to an “awesome” space between your cabinets and ceiling…

Display Baskets

You can add your basket collection to give your kitchen a very country/rustic/shabby chic look.

Store Cookbooks

Incorporate all your cookbooks right into your decor.

Display Art

Feel free to add statues, pictures, and other items that compliment your artistic taste.

Store Wine 

The tops of the cabinets are a great “out-of-the-way” area to store wine.  The bottles also add to the romance and decor of the kitchen’s cooking/eating area.

Add a Shelf

You can use lumber or even do something extra creative like stacking small wine racks.

Fill the Space In

You may opt to drywall off the area.

Move Cabinets Up to the Ceiling

Some people have customized smaller cabinets made to fill the gap or go through the work to move their cabinets higher. Moving cabinets higher can create issues below the cabinets as there will now be extra space in that area.

Layer Silver and Ceramics

You can really add to the look of your kitchen by displaying a fine tabletop collection.


Nothing evokes and encourages feelings of romance like mood lighting.  There are several options including small white lights or even twinkling bulbs.

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