Custom Granite Countertops
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Granite countertops starting at 47.00 a square foot


Builder Supply Outlet knows that homeowners choose granite countertops because of their durability as well as their beauty and we carry many different styles and colors of custom granite countertops.  Granite countertops are not only beneficial because of their longevity, but they are also one of the few home improvements that maintain their value.  Choosing a color for granite countertops will depend heavily on the colors of the cabinets and the rest of the kitchen as well as on personal taste.  Dark colored cabinets can be warmed up with light colored granite and lighter colored cabinets are anchored well with dark colored granite.  Our custom granite countertops start at $47 per square foot and we offer guaranteed installation services that include professional in-home measuring.  Stop by our showroom to browse through our various available granite countertop colors and styles.


All of our custom granite kitchen counter tops prices include professional in-home measuring and fully guaranteed installation.


Bianco Antico Custom Granite Countertops
Description: Bianco Antico
Colorado Red Custom Granite Countertops
Description: Colorado Red
Blue pearl Custom Granite Countertops
Description: Blue pearl
Uba tuba Custom Granite Countertops
Description: Uba tuba
Custom Granite Countertops Custom Granite Countertops
Custom Granite Countertops Custom Granite Countertops

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